QUEST Management assists its clients in focusing on the strategic environmental risk elements of their organizations, and developing plans to address issues critical to their survival and success. QUEST possesses a wide variety of outstanding technical, legal, and management talent, and works with client-based teams to develop and implement proactive management systems.

With offices or field stations in Denver, Orlando, Singapore, London, and New Delhi, QUEST maintains a unique international risk management perspective. QUEST representatives consult, lecture and publish internationally including our book International Environmental Risk Management: ISO 14000 and the Systems Approach (CRC/Lewis, 1998). 

QUEST services include:

Management Systems Consulting: Specializing in the assessment, development and implementation of environmental management programs using the systems approach.

Risk Management Consulting: Strategic environmental risk management, including analyzing current and potential exposures for risk assessment, reduction and transfer purposes.

Training: Providing interactive and engaging environmental management business courses tailored to the specific needs of each client.

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