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QUEST Management International, LLC ("QUEST") provides technical and legal experts for the detection and prevention of liability creating conduct. QUEST uses state of the art computer analyses and technologies to eliminate conduct that creates liability for corporations, municipalities and institutions. A significant portion of QUEST's business is developing environmental management systems to reduce legal-liability risks and increase profitability of businesses. QUEST also provides investigative experts to review existing management systems and apply the latest standards to improve overall systems operations. With active business interests in Denver, London, Singapore and New Delhi, QUEST is able to deliver global service to its multi-national clients. The United States EPA and several foreign governments have recognized QUEST as one of the leading purveyors of management systems that result in environmental excellence throughout the world.

QUEST provides consulting services to a wide range of clients including manufacturers, utilities, insurance companies, mining companies, municipalities, and other small to large businesses on all aspects of environmental risk management. QUEST has completed thousands of Phase I, II and III environmental assessments, ISO 14000 "gaps analyses" and inspections of businesses and properties for risk management, transfer, and environmental due diligence purposes. Key QUEST personnel advise businesses on proactive methods of pollution and risk prevention and development of systems to reduce waste and energy consumption.

QUEST representatives provide project management services, conduct indoor air quality, industrial hygiene and environmental inspections, reviews and surveys. QUEST representatives have testified as expert witnesses in numerous environmental disputes and have conducted detailed factual and scientific investigations for clients with environmental liabilities. QUEST has investigated the historic operations of electric and gas utilities that were formerly owned and/or operated by holding companies. QUEST has been engaged to assist utilities with manufactured gas plant ("MGP") liabilities to locate former holding companies. QUEST has analyzed management systems used by the holding companies to establish their liability for MGP waste.

QUEST representatives have conducted factual investigations of Brownfields properties for prospective purchasers and have participated in structuring deals to minimize prospective purchaser liability. QUEST has served frequently as a technical consultant for companies dealing with all aspects of regulation by EPA and state environmental agencies. QUEST has organized massive documents cases to identify key legal and scientific risk-liability issues to defend companies against actions brought by governmental agencies. QUEST has worked with law firms and in-house counsel to perform all aspects of litigation support and has developed document retrieval systems with the leading litigation support imaging company.

QUEST representatives regularly consult with law firms to provide them with technical and scientific advice regarding handling a broad range of environmental cases. QUEST has provided training and education services to clients to satisfy international, federal, and state licensing requirements.

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