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Robert A. Woellner is the President of QUEST.

Mr. Woellner's professional experience includes senior environmental risk management positions with consulting, insurance, laboratory, and geotechnical companies. He has significant experience in environmental risk assessment and management, environmental insurance, analytical services and the development and implementation of environmental management systems. Mr. Woellner serves on several boards, teaches college classes, and has published extensively on environmental risk management issues. He holds a B. A. in Geology from Middlebury College and a M. S. in Marine Geology and Geophysics from the University of Miami Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Mr. Woellner is an ISO 14001 Lead Assessor and a member of the U. S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO TC 207.

John Voorhees is the Chief Legal Officer and Director of Environmental Management Systems for QUEST Management International.

Mr. Voorhees has practiced law for over twenty years and is a member of the American, Colorado, and Denver Bar Associations as well as the National Commission for Corporate Compliance. John is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver and is an international lecturer and author on corporate compliance and environmental law. Mr. Voorhees’ experience includes eleven years as a Federal prosecutor as well as extensive litigation and jury trial experience throughout the United States. John received his law degree from the Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America.

John C. Kolojeski, J.D is the Director of International Operations for QUEST Management International.

Mr. Kolojeski has more than twenty-five years of experience in environmental activities both in the US and abroad.  He formerly served as Deputy Associate General Counsel and Chief of Litigation in EPA’s Office of Pesticides, Toxic Substances and Solid Waste Management and as Special Assistant to the Assistant Administrator for Water and Hazardous Materials. John has been involved in numerous environmental regulatory activities in the United States, Europe, the Mid and Far East, and also has represented clients before the World Bank, EPA, and state level regulatory agencies. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center.

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