Contaminated indoor air leaves building owners, building managers, architects, builders and developers vulnerable to liability. Because of poor air quality, lawsuits have been filed, buildings have been closed and occupants have reported numerous health problems resulting in an increase in absenteeism and a reduction in employee performance. Since prospective tenants are apt to be aware of environmental issues and liabilities, the stigma of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can have a significant impact on a building's marketability.

Quality Environmental Services and Technologies, Inc. (QUEST) provides consulting, investigative, field and laboratory services to detect, manage and minimize environmental contaminants that create poor indoor air quality. QUEST's technical experts specialize in the identification of chemical, biological and physical contaminants; investigative and remediation management techniques; industrial hygiene; ventilation and engineering; and facilities maintenance.

QUEST's total building environmental systems approach uses scientific and engineering methods to identify sources of IAQ problems and develop remediation plans. QUEST will:

lIdentify contaminant levels and sources.

lRecommend and manage contaminant remediation/mitigation activities
lConduct routine monitoring services.

lTrain facility managers and maintenance personnel on IAQ remedies.

lConduct final clearance assessments

QUEST has the technical expertise and equipment to identify and solve your indoor air quality problems. Our air quality and environmental specialists are able to design and implement a comprehensive program to help create a healthy indoor environment. QUEST has proven its technical competency in alleviating IAQ problems in schools, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, manufacturing facilities and various types of residences providing fast, accurate services at competitive rates.


QUEST professionals have qualified and served as experts on environmental, indoor air quality, dust/particulate sampling and assessment, microflora / mold, industrial hygiene, environmental risk assessment, clandestine meth labs, asbestos and product contamination cases. Our environmental specialists determine what environmental contaminants may be affecting the subject site. Contaminant assessment and management services include the cost effective identification, quantification, and solutions design work necessary to resolve water intrusion and mold problems. QUEST's standard mold inspection procedure is to conduct an investigation and moisture meter survey; look for suspected sources and pathways of water, humidity and mold; and if requested collect bulk, swab and/or air samples for bacteria/fungi/mold. Our reports typically include background information, site observations, sample results, conclusions, photographs and a scope of work for any recommended mitigation activities.


QUEST's industrial hygienists have extensive experience investigating, identifying and quantifying methamphetamine contamination and indoor air quality concerns. QUEST has provided its expertise in meth assessment and clean-up protocols to state and municipal authorities, property owners and managers; and teaches meth clean-up courses for remediation contractors. QUEST is listed on the Tri-County Health Department and numerous other agency lists of Meth Haz-Mat Contacts for Emergency Response & Remediation Contractors.

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