The environmental liabilities associated with owning or managing properties require buyers and sellers (as well as lenders, brokers, agents, developers, appraisers, landlords, tenants, and attorneys) to conduct diligent inquiry into the environmental condition of a property.

The focus of QUEST's Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is to identify potential areas of environmental concern through a review of historical records, regulatory records and site reconnaissance. Following the protocols of the ASTM E 1527, QUEST personnel will develop a history of the site and past practices, conduct a site visit to determine if there is any visual evidence of contamination, interview regulatory agency representatives, and generate a report detailing potential areas of environmental concern, a hazard assessment, recommendations and cost estimates.

The purpose of a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is to confirm, quantify or nullify the areas of concern identified in a Phase I. The focus of the Phase II is to obtain quantitative evidence of the presence of hazardous substances and determine precisely the scope of contamination. Remediation options are defined and their costs are delineated in order to assist the client in making future business decisions.

When remediation occurs (Phase III), QUEST provides technically sound, efficient and cost-effective approaches to property remediation. QUEST project management services include project design, pre-contract bidding, contractor screening, project management and project oversight and monitoring.

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