Quality Environmental Services and Technologies, Inc.
provides contaminant detection and remediation project management services. Contaminant survey and management activities include the cost effective identification, quantification, and remediation of:

 l Contaminants in Air, Soil, and Groundwater
 l Mold / Microflora
 l Methamphetamine (meth) Labs
 l Metals (Including Lead)
 l Particulate Dust
 l PCB's
 l Petroleum Products
 l Solvents
 l Pesticides
 l Radon
 l Volatile and Semi-Volatile Organics

QUEST project management experience includes the planning, oversight and compliance monitoring for the improvement of environmental quality. Remediation management activities include the removal of petroleum products, solvents, pesticides and metals from contaminated soils, building materials, and water. QUEST personnel have managed numerous building structure, air, soil and groundwater mitigation projects, including the abatement of nuisance dust, microflora, lead-based-paint, and asbestos containing building materials. QUEST professionals have extensive experience developing health and safety plans, chemical hygiene plans, and analytical, investigative and risk assessment protocols.

It is QUEST's policy to require compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations as well as any applicable federal, state and local requirements. On all projects, QUEST personnel will follow the guidelines of QUEST's Health and Safety Plan and adhere to stringent quality assurance and quality control procedures.

In addition to offering state-of-the-art inspection and sampling services, QUEST specializes in developing, managing and assessing the effectiveness of mold remediation activities.  We continually strive to create and maintain the best protocols possible for remediation activities, to ensure the best remediation at the most cost effective price.

QUEST specializes in designing proactive meth assessment and remediation protocols to clean-up meth impacted properties.  QUEST experts are continually updating procedures to make sure remediation activities are effective.  Since Meth regulations continue to change, QUEST stays in close contact with other meth experts, including legal and regulatory agency representatives to make certain that meth remediation projects are properly and promptly resolved.

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